Sample Essay

The Sears Company is amongst the largest departmental establishments in US. Sears has employed a strategy of direct mailing and mass market advertising to target its customers. Sears is also a major employer of seasonal marketing. As the company has a departmental store format with products that are sold under the categories of apparel, furniture items, kitchen items, electronics, and food items, they are subject to seasonal variation and influences. As a result the company makes use of seasonal marketing and advertising to increase the sales of specific lines while increasing the flow of inventory turnover. (Cuneo, 1997)

The company has also joined the list of companies that have started to market online through the increasingly popular social groups and network sites. The company launched a marketing campaign in cyberspace to launch interactive marketing programs. The company launched the prom marketing campaign on Facebook and now has even selected Vanessa Hudgens to be the face of the Sears BTS fashions. (‘Sears, Kmart aim young in new campaigns’, 2008) The company also incorporated seasonal marketing and advertising campaigns through web based marketing charnels in the cyberspace marketing and brand awareness programs.

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