Sample Essay

Human right activities and feminist consumer action groups have filed lawsuits as well as launched protests against the company in this regard forcing the company to change its management practices to avoid any preferential treatment for the male employees or the practice of an established glass ceiling for female employees. Aside from this the company itself has been providing support to the communities’ specific to its regions of operations by providing technological, service based as well as infrastructural development support and by providing a large number of jobs to decrease the unemployment rate in the region of its operations.

The technological environment that surrounds the operations for Wal-Mart Stores Inc is also a very crucial environment. The reason for this is because of the high level of dependence of the company on information technology and systems to conduct business and carry out business activities/ processes in theUSas well as in other regions of its operations. The company was amongst the first to use JIT based inventory management on a large scale in the retail sector. Data-mining and customer relationship management through CRM are some of the systems based management approaches that the company has adopted to attain a comparative advantage in the retail industry. However due to its high level of dependence on information, systems and communications technology, any changes in the technological environment effects the company invoking a change in its business processes and practices as well.

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