Sample Essay

SAP provides its customers with an enterprise service oriented architecture which is based on the holistic approach of implementing a software solution, providing consultationse4vrices as well as providing training and support for the end users. The ERP system application allows business to better manage their resources as well as increase the utilization of their capacity of production through the streamlining of their business processes and operations.  The SAP system also offers its customers with a fast and easy deployment facility whereby the clients can adopt the SAP system and framework in a lesser time frame and start their operations on the system.

This is mostly due to the wealth of knowledge pertaining to system installation, management, data integration and dissemination as well as ERP planning and management at the part of the SAP consultants and professionals which makes the transition for the company very easy. The SAP systems also offer their clients flexible finance options through which the company can undertake cost effective implementation of the ERP system. Moreover the system is also well known in the market for its trustworthiness, reliability and competence pertaining to integration of business process and success rates of the implementations. Moreover the SAP Company also offers its customers the option of customized tailoring of the ERP solution according to their requirements and training needs.

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