Sample Essay

Peterson provides that the authority and power is provided to the professional because of their skill set, their expert knowledge and their position as a medical professional, therapist or a counseling professional which forms a trust in the clients. The main sources of power that are depicted in the text by the author pertain to knowledge of the professionals, the expectations of the c linnets, the projections involved and the personal power that the professional might hold.

One of the main boundary violations involves the abuse of this trust of the client where the professional seeks personal gain and the client is intimidated by the power of the professional. The characteristics of the boundary violation that are depicted by Peterson pertain to the reversal of roles in the relationship, the presence of a secret, the presence of a double bind and the professionals seeking personal advantage form the boundary violation (Peterson, 1992, p76).

The boundary violation can severely affect the patient where the patient can become alienated, confused and physically as well as psychologically disturbed due to the boundary violations. Often the clients tend to think that they brought the violation issue upon themselves in the relationship; however they need to realize that the boundary violations are in the hands of the professionals who hold power and influence over the clients. On the contrary when the cases are tried pertaining to the boundary violations in the client-professional relationships, both the clients and the professionals are treated as equal parties while in actuality this is usually not the case.

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