Sample Essay

In the United States, everything is bigger in terms of size, hype and importance, includes a range of things like the budget for the marketing campaign, to the food packaging, meal sizes and even the large size of the people in general aside from this even the consumer appliances, cards and homes are larger in the US than in Germany. To a large part this difference can be attributed to the consumerist and social culture in the United States as opposed to a communist culture in Germany.

The education system in the United States is highly double standard. The public schooling system is funded by the regional governments which results in poor communities have poor grade schools and richer communities having much better equipped education institution. Moreover the rich almost never send their children to the public school; and prefer the elite private schooling for them. InGermanyhowever the public system of schooling is the only system for education and segregation on the basis of social status if very rare. However in some cases it is possible for the social status of the parents or the family to effect the admission of the students on the schools but the private schools in Germany do not exist at all.

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