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The following section highlights the external environments that are associated with the international market ofIndiaand how these environments can impact the marketing strategy for undertaken by the Arizona Beverage Company for its brand the Original Arizona, Iced Tea.India is one of the strongest economies to have emerged through the recent recessionary downfalls in the year 2008 and 2009. The country has build its economic strength based on the business process outsourcing projects undertaken in the region for international organizations around the word as well as through the export of its agricultural products and human resource. The expatriates sending finds home contribute largely to the strength of the economy and the potential it has for future growth. “India’s economy has been one of the stars of global economics in recent years, growing 9.2% in 2007 and 9.6% in 2006. Growth had been supported by markets reforms, huge inflows of FDI, rising foreign exchange reserves, both an IT and real estate boom, and a flourishing capital market.” (‘Indian Economy Overview’) The cold beverage industry in the region is mostly composed of either local companies manufacturing natural drinks or soft drink manufacturers like the Coca Cola Company and Pepsi Co. both of which have a significant share in the market. “As the beverage industry looks to the future,Indiais the country that offers the greatest potential, even more so thanChina. Right now,Indiaaccounts for approximately 10% of global beverage consumption” (‘For the beverage industry,Indiais the country that offers the greatest potential’). In terms of beverage consumptionIndiais ranked third globally, following US andChina. However there still exists a massive untapped market for cold beverages in the region which can be advantages for the Arizona Beverage Company.

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