Sample Essay

The ecommerce model of the Fist Data Corporations is a combination of the billboard model, the subscriptions and the storefront model. The e-business operations of the company pertain to the sale of products and services to customers through the website. Through the website the company creates awareness about the products and services that are provided by the company to its customers akin to a billboard model.

The company has a vast database of resources and academic as well as industry research papers on the topics pertaining to management of information systems, developments made in online trading and ecommerce. The company as a result shares part of these reports and data with the customers who come to seek such resources through their portal. The company has launched a virtual library through which the customers can download part of the data resources for free while the rest are accessible by the customers through formal subscription and registration with the organization.

Through the portal the company sells these data and academic media based information on PDF as well as other formats to the customers who can use the data resources to optimize their e-commerce revenue stream; attract more customers, and streamlining operations. As part of the data and information based services the company also provides customized data services as well and the customers can place their orders for the service through the online portal as well.

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