Sample Essay

The culture as well as the business environment in the region of Germany is very different from that of the UAE. The cultures of the Dubai and Germany are very different resulting in different etiquettes pertaining to conducting a business. As the Synergy Marketing International Company has been operating primarily in the UAE regions, the clients of the company as well as the local business with whom the company currently interacts are familiar with the style of business and the deal making and negotiation styles in Dubai. Moreover the management of the company is also primarily composed of either UAE nationals or those who have come to the region to work. They also tend to adhere to the UAE style of business management.

Germany however is a very different society which is much more aged and conservative. The country has a very organized way of conducting business which has been instilled in the people involved in business management and the economy. There is almost no negotiations for deals and offers as the environment has strict policies and rules to which the people are confined and constraint to. Aside from this the people residing in the region are also significantly different. People in Dubai tend to be somewhat ostentations, and tend to display their achievements. Moreover they are also into the whole retail and shopping experience while the people in Germany are more oriented towards the wildlife and nature. They are less impressed by the mega shopping mall culture in Dubai and more by the personal objectives and aims of the people pertaining to their responsibility to the community and the environment. As a result there are considerable communication problems and discrepancies that have the probability of occurring when the company expands its operations to the Germany.

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