Sample Essay

The authors mention in the book that despite the social structure and the class systems as present in the United Kingdom, it is possible to create different future for oneself. However it is very difficult and requires extensive perseverance and handwork as was depicted in the case of Paul in the Up Series.  Some of the children were able to control and set their lives for themselves in positive manner through hard work, dedication as well as perseverance.

In other case it was observed that while the children were disoriented and very much deviated from their aims and objectives as stated in the 7 Up came back to pursuing their objectives and aims in life by the age of 28. The teenage years for the children on the whole very similar for all of them regardless of their social class in terms of their behavior and aspirations. Moreover Nick faced the most dramatic changes in his life which were all due to his cunning intellectuality and intelligence

Conclusively it can be mentioned that the social circle and the social norms in the society do have a great effect on the lives of the people, especially children. However it is very much possible to break free of the social class structure by employing ones resources like hard work, intelligence and capability as well as skills to achieve ones objectives no matter how far off they might seem at one point. Moreover through the series it was also revealed that the social class as well as the family presence and environment also directly affect the life of the child in the future years.

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