Sample Essay

Early diagnosis of autism in patients and the early intervention taken can greatly affect the treatment methods involved for treating autism while also affecting the chances of success for the treatment involved. Early intervention after the diagnosis is highly important especially in children when they are aged between 2-5 years as the treatment provided at this young an age can help the child much more (Gina and Austin 2000). Early detection of autism is a the key focus of many psychologists as it can help the autistic child receive treatment in an effective manner with long lasting results that are apparent as a result of behavioral and educational treatments.

The research conducted by Sally J. Rogers analyzed six other experiment based research conducted on employing different treatments at the early intervention stage for young autistic children. The results of the study by Rogers (1996) provided that all the treatment approached that were conducted on the children at the early intervention stage resulted in positive results, with positive correlation between the acceleration of the developmental process of the children and the treatment being provided to them. Some even had the effect of reducing the negative impact of autism in their lives as they grew up with some even providing development and gains after the child had considerably grown up after years of receiving the treatments. ThereforeRogers(1996) provides through her study that early intervention can be greatly beneficial for the autistic child as the treatment provided at this stage can increment the positive impact on the developmental of the child while controlling the negative symptoms of autism.

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