Sample Essay

The developments and the future trends in the network security will make the telecommunication networks increasingly sophisticated as well as complex thus preventing the instigators from conducting malicious activity on the networks.

            While on one hand developments are being made to curtail the threats to the network security   and to further develop it, on the other hand some are dubious about the effect or the contribution of these developments on the security of the networks and their related resources in the future. The main argument against it is that the increased complexity of the internet and the networks works against the security initiatives that can be developed for safeguarding the networks. “Computer security is not likely to improve in the near future because of two reasons. One, bad guys are getting better at attacking us. And two, we’re not getting better at defending ourselves. The overarching reason for both of these trends is complexity. Complexity is the worst enemy of security; as a system gets more complex, it gets less secure…And the Internet is the most complex machine mankind has ever built. We barely understand how it works, let alone how to secure it.” (Grimes, 2008)

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