Sample Essay

Aside from this the company also needs to decide on the placements of parts, public recreation places as well as the set up public and private beaches, and resorts to attract tourists to the regions, as well as international companies and business for operations, conferences, meetings and the resultant trade that is brought in due to increased economic activity.

Moreover the region also has to be self sustaining according to its economic viability while providing an ideal place of living for its residents who would also be requiring specific recreation places for themselves as well. The drainage, system of the storm water, the sewage system as well as decision for the industrial zoning need to be made in order to enable the city to provide a comprehensive offering to the investors in the region.

Aside from the above mentioned planning and set up decisions that need to be made for theNewSongdoCitythe company also needs to make decision pertaining to how the New Songdo City project will be funded in order to set up the development in the region.

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