Sample Essay

The first article selected for discussion is by David Rifkin. The article discusses literacy and information literacy in terms of its application in state and public schools.  In the article Rifkin mentions that literacy of a person is basically determined and based on the society in which the individual resides, and moves about in. Initially, basic literacy included simply the knowledge and ability of learning and writing. However with the advancement in technology information literacy has become the knowledge of being able to read and write as well as use complex technology such as the computers and an internet to access the information required.

In terms of scholarship, Rifkin mentions that scholarship of a student does not simply include accessing and comprehending the information, but also being able to access the best and the most credible information through a trustworthy and justifiable source.

“One of the most overwhelming aspects of online research is the endless flood of information that the learner has to sift through.  Besides the sheer volume of information, assessing the validity of a source for bias and point of view is a major concern.”  (Rifkin, 2006)

Rifkin also mentioned that a large percentage of the college seniors also do not take out time to analyze and evaluate the sources which they use to conduct their research.   In practical application of information literacy, the author mentions that literacy skills of the high school and college students are weak in terms of their reading and writing ability as well as their competence in using the computer systems and databases for accessing information for their projects.  Therefore Rifkin recommends that the educational institutions should focus on incorporating specific courses and workshop sessions to train and provide assistance to the students on how technology and information systems can be used to access the required information.

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