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The data elements collected for this report pertains to the basic information about the person as well as the race of the individual being stopped and searched, and cited, the names, type of offences, basis of suspicion, time of day, driving behavior, sex of the driver and the number of times they have been cited. The report also takes in information from the consensus of the region for the population and demographics of the residents in Massachusetts. The demographic and race based information is used from the regional census while the traffic municipal agency based official reports are used to derive the information pertaining to individual stops, searches and suspicions of offences.

The time period for data collection was for about two years since April 1, 2001 to June 30, 2003. There was no specific rule for taking data from this time period expected for the data that extensive information was available and this period provided a consensus information about the traffic searched and citation presented to the population.

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