Sample Essay

The brain is the central thinking unit of the human brain.  Before a person performs any action, a signal is sent to the respective body part by the nervous system. All these signals are a part of the human sensory mechanism.  Do you know that alcohol usage causes the biggest harms to your brain? You may start thinking and reacting at a slower rate than normal. For example, if you pick a spoon in three seconds when you are in your senses, you may pick it in five seconds when you are drunk.  As the intake of alcohol increases, the human reaction time increases. In extreme cases, the human body faces paralysis.

For frequent drinkers, heart attacks are very common.  When the blood pressure increases, the heart walls thicken. As a result of this, the flow of blood slows down.  Hence, the heart stops functioning properly and fails.  Initially, you may not realize that your organs are getting damaged.  However, after taking alcohol continuously, some symptoms will become quite apparent. If a person drinks every day or every alternate day, his weight increases at an abnormal rate. In most cases, there are deposits of fat on the belly area.  Apart from that, there are severe aches in the knee muscles. One starts feeling extremely lethargic and is unable to make frequent physical movements.

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