Sample Essay

Customer relationship programs are particularly essential when it comes to service based industries. The Airline industry is a service based industry which can greatly benefit from an established web based CRM option. The following report highlights the importance of a CRM system for FirstAir, while depicting the needs of the customers, the management and the cabin and flight deck crew. The report also provides the CRM options that are suitable to FirstAir airline based on the target market and the operation goals of the company. The CRM options that are listed can help the company better attract customers while retain its current customers for future business.

The main target of the customer relationship management progr4ams are the customers. Any company wants to attract new customers while retaining its current customers for repurchase through committed loyalty to the brand. Airlines can benefit from the CRM by using data warehousing technology combined with CRM based software. The combination of the two can sufficiently support online management of resources, queries, capacity planning, load, schedules, customer requests, and the transfer of relevant information about the customer and current trends to all the business units of the company.

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