Sample Essay

  • The research undertaken has provided that the most successful of the customer loyalty programs in the retail industry are those that are based on providing benefit and rewards for the customers for their customers’ loyalty to the company and its brands. This knowledge can be positively used by the company that can develop customer loyalty based programs with a focus on rewarding the customers
  • Some of the customer relationship management and loyalty programs that can be launched by UTC PlcNigeriainclude a point based discount system on which the customers can available discounts on their total purchase if it exceeds a certain limit.
  • A loyalty club can be formed that can have members who make routine purchases from UTC Plc stores. These customers can be provided updated marketing material, company catalogue of new products, newsletters of latest events, and privileges in terms of higher discounts on purchases.
  • A credit financing service can also be deployed by the company through the use of the loyalty card or the company credit card scheme. Through this scheme, the company can provide its customers with store/company credit that can be available by them to shop in the UTC stores at a small mark up. This delayed payment/ credit facility can increase the traffic and the purchases in stores as well as create an additional service product for the UTC plc Nigeria.

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