Sample Essay

There exist tangible cultural differences between Germany and the United Statesin terms of bureaucracy, socialism and communism. The bureaucracy in theUnited Statesis liked by the people in terms of their user friendliness, the approach they take towards establishing and building personal relationships; however the bureaucracies are hated by the people in theUnited Statesfor being inefficient as to the methods they employ for processing requests, and managing the system. While Americans as well as people all over the world hate the bureaucracy in theUnited Statesfor their double standards and high level of restrictions and discrimination they have specifically in terms of the ethnicity of the people.

The bureaucracy in Germany is comparative very much less discriminatory and much more efficient in terms of the way they move and process things. They have very stringent rules and regulation which are not bent for anyone despite the amount of money, power or influential positions they might have. The business ethics as result in the two countries are largely affected by the structure and the nature of the institutions handling state and government matters. Bureaucracy increased control much makes a system more inefficient.Germanyhas been able to be much more efficient as compared to the independent institutions in theUnited Stateswhere lack of monitoring has created major problems and discrepancies for the communities as well as for the businesses operating in the region in terms of their legality.

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