Sample Essay

One CRM success story is that of theKLMRoyal Dutch Airlines. This CRM took a project based approach while aiming at the simultaneous training of the management staff towards customer relationship building initiatives.

“In September 2004, SkyTeam combined the network of nine allied carriers: Aeroméxico, Air France, Alitalia, Continental Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines,KLMRoyal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines. Passenger benefits included more, easier, and quicker connections, single check-in, consistent assistance at any of the partners’ reservations centres, airport service counters or ticket offices, and access to more business lounges. Also, frequent flier members with any of theAlliancepartners could earn and redeem frequent flier program miles over the whole SkyTeam network.” (Viaene & Cumps, 2005, p4)

The service offerings that are provided by the FirstAir to the customers are of unique nature. FirstAir caters to a highly specialized and elite clientele who need to be at their destinations in a shirt amount of time. Therefore catering to this the company provides shuttling of passengers through supersonic aircrafts with first class service to all its customers along with pick up and drop service from and to their homes/ offices. The service is highly customized with major emphasis on priority and premium based customer service. As a result the needs of the customers for the FirstAir Airline would include the following.


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