Sample Essay

The CRM option that is proposed for FirstAir is a web based CRM solution which would provide different portals for the customers, the management and the in-flight cabin crew.The reason for the proposition of a web based solution is to provide the customers easy access to the system and to enable the company to reach their customers with an appropriate and a direct interaction point. The web based e-CRM solution would be backed by a data warehouse which would gather historical as well as current data about the customers and their specific travel requirements.

The management would be able to access the same e-CRM solution through a separate assigned portal which they can access through their respective authorized logs. The management would be able to conduct trend analysis and data mining on the information gathered by the CRM on the customers for making reports devising marketing and advertisings strategies. Aside from this the management would also be able to determine the efficiency of their operations through the recorded bookings.


The cabin and flight crew would be able to access their respective portal on the e-CRM on the aircraft which would provide them with the required information for properly providing the customers with their selected services regarding entertainment selections, dining preferences, privacy [preferences, seating selection on the plane, and transit travel.

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