Sample Essay

Customer based CRM programs aim to identify the needs of the customers and provide them with specialized features and facilities that can enable them to be stay loyal to the airline. The popular CRM options that are provided to the customers by airlines include online booking for tickets, joint booking for hotels, transport, air travel as well as discounted offering on tourist attractions in the destination in city. Amongst these is also the famous frequent flyer program with which the customers are rewarded for every mile that they travel with the airline. The frequent flyer program that has been used by the American Airlines since the a980s makes use of a point based system according to which “customers earn points for flights flown, for stays in hotels, for cars hired, for credit card usage and for a wide range of other purchases. They can redeem the points earned for yet more flights, hotel, stays, hire cars and other purchases too. At the last count, an AAdvantage customer had more than 1,500 different ways to earn and spend points. And that is not all. The more flights customers earn, the more benefits they receive from American Airlines. These benefits include the sameVIPticket booking, check-in, fast-track security and airport lounge access that was described earlier. These benefits are of real value to the frequent flyer and greatly influence their choice of airline.” (Hill, 2009)

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