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The data analysis conducted in the research pertains to a qualitative as well as a quantitative data analysis. However more focus is based in the quantitative based data and the analysis of this data. This is because the population that was sampled was huge resulting in the sample being large as well. Therefore it was much efficient and productive to perform a quantitative data analysis. The qualitative data analysis was performed where insufficient data was available or where the data required clarification.

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The study provided that 249 agencies inMassachusettsthat were involved in law enforcement activities had significant disparities. The disparities were present in the four target areas that were focused in the research. 141 agencies had disparity on the basis of race, i.e. highlighting discrepancy between the whites and the non whites. Moreover the non white residents were also sited 0.6 percent more than the white residents. Moreover the agencies inMassachusettsalso had a disparity level which was above the average for the state. This stood true for 201 agencies. Of the 87 communities that were searched, it was determined that 40 law enforcement agencies in theMassachusettsare more likely to target non white people than the white people. Moreover the non white individuals were also more likely to be targeted after a citation than the white people. Additionally the males were also more likely to be targeted and searched by the agencies as compared to the females.

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