Sample Essay

I often tend to inquire the clients about what they want and what they seek form their respective future careers and ask them to select their careers based on their objectives. However I feel that this can be a form of boundary violation where I relieve myself of the responsibility for the client by forcing them to choose their own career paths which is hypocritical as the clients come to me for help and guidance as they expect me to have the upper hand of knowledge and experience of determining the best course of action for them.

From what I have gleaned from the book by Peterson I should be more participative in the client professional relationships, and should guide the clients towards the best career paths based on their skill set, their capabilities and what they seek as their respective professionals as this form of counseling would be more beneficial for the client as well as can have more positive results.

Conclusively, it needs to be highlighted that striving for perfection in a client professional relationship should not be an objective of the professional as such a situation is not possible without making way for boundary violations. The professionals have the upper hand and the power in the relationship with their clients, and they should use this power to effective guide, counsel and treat their clients as per their needs.

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