Sample Essay

The depicted graphs would not have been used in the dissertation as they are depicted here. However if some changes were made to the graphs as suggested above to make them ore clear and understandable, then the changed graphs can be used in the dissertation.

 The pie chart for the yes and no questionnaire shows very succinctly the results of the survey. However the problem with this graph is that it does not depict how many people were surveyed and what number answer yes and no accordingly. An alternative to presenting this graph could have been to put in the number of people answering yes and no to the questions or alternatively depicting the results through a bar graph whereby the number of people surveyed and their corresponding answers would be clearly depicted.

The two graphs depicted pertaining to share price trends and the volume of shares being traded along the small graph along the bottom of the larger graph while the fluctuations in the hare price are depicted in the larger graph. The graph is confusing to read in itself as these are two graphs which are merged into one making it impossible to comprehend how the two graphs are related to each other. Aside from this the graphs are basically simple representation of the data to depict the apparent trends and fluctuations. However the resultant graph in the case makes it difficult to determine a single trend. Moreover when the graph with a wide range of time period and the smaller rage of time period are put on the same scale, the results are deceiving to the eye as one seems to be much more positive in its results that the other. This is an optical illusion for the reader, resulting in misrepresentation and miscomprehension of data.

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