Sample Essay

A research was conducted by Craig Haney on the increased risk and probability of prisoner abuse that is present in super max prisons. The study was able to conclude that a high risk of prisoner abuse exists in such prisoners due to the large amount of power and authority that is present in the facility to the correctional officers and how the removal of the individuals form the civilized society can lead to mistreatment of prisoners.

The negative effects of the detention in such facilities come about due to environmental and ideological factors. More specifically influence the correctional guards in such facilities “include a problematic set of ideological beliefs, a surrounding environment or ecology that is structured in such a way as to encourage cruelty, and a particularly intense—even desperate—set of interpersonal dynamics created between prisoners and guards” (Haney, 2008). Power play, authority and removal form that rules that govern a society greatly contribute towards the elimination of the moral fiber in the guards who then find it justifiable and acceptable to torture and abuse the prisoners.

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