Sample Essay

The competencies of the Wal-Mart company pertain to its unique logistics management system that has oven it the competitive advantage over its competitors in the industry. The company uses just in time methodology and computerised inventory and stock management system to minimize the costs associated with inventory management while working with its strategic partner suppliers.

The customer relationship management system at the company is also one of a kind allowing the company to gather data about their customers and their purchase patterns through the counters in the stores that is stored in a data warehouse. The company then makes use of trend based analysis and data mining to identify market opportunities and forecast change in the market trends for business. The store format of the company offering its customers with a wide range and type of products and services under one roof is also a unique core competency of the Wal-Mart Company. Recently new competencies have also emerged for Wal-Mart pertaining to the segments of jewellery, appliances and gasoline. “In jewellery, the story is one of consolidation, and the department has grown bigger than one might suspect. In 2000, jewellery represented about 2% of sales for Wal-Mart Stores division, or about $2.44 billion. In comparison, the world’s largest specialty jeweller, Signet, which owns Kay Jewellery in the United States, produced about $1.84 billion in sales in 2000. Zale, the top U.S. specialty jeweller, did sales of about $1.79 billion.” (Duff, 2001)

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