Sample Essay

In order to adopt the proposed solution, the company will need to change its policies pertaining to work force and personnel management, the set up of the stores, the long term expansion strategy of the company as well as the strategy of technology adoption and relationship building with the stakeholders of the company. Through relationship building with the suppliers as well as the customers, the company will be able to leverage its relationship with the suppliers to strike better JIT and RFID technology based deals for distribution, while the better understanding the customers and providing them with what they want at lower prices, and a better quality based and attractive store.

Aside from this the company will need to assess its position in the market and maintain its positive image by constantly making changes to its operations. The technology adopted will need to be updated and maintained as well, for which a separate function will need to be set up.  Moreover an annual review team will need to be set up which will evaluate the performance of the company in terms of its operations and performance.

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