Sample Essay

Every organization needs to have management models in order for it to be able to create a vision for organizations plus for the development of coordinated and comprehensive strategies that can be incorporated with other strategies. Most of such models have to initiate from getting aware regarding the culture and then understanding others. General diversity management views culture as among the several facets of diversity, which may include the race, gender, religion and age.

Different facets of diversity may result in problems within an organization due to the differences present and every organization needs to resolve them before they erupt. For instance, there may be conflicts because a person does not want to work with a particular employee due to his homosexuality, whatever the reason. Or employees may discriminate a black who, in return, insults them and fights with them. A Muslim female who covers her head can be discriminated against because of her religion and practices. Such issues need to be resolved if harmony is desired at work and if the organization wants that their workforce remains diversified.

It is a fact that diversity conflicts are most common in companies where there is lack of communication and thus the resolution of conflicts may be done through communication. Programs can be initiated that encourage togetherness among employees. The organization should be fair with everyone. The system of accountability can be put in practice.

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