Sample Essay

The influence of the internet is very prominent in our lives as nowadays, everything we do from working on projects, communicating with our friends and peers or even doing work in office or doing research to support our studies is all conducted almost entirely through the Internet. The Internet has evolved into a phenomenon which aides us in effectively and instantaneously communicate with others as well as accessing information.

The Internet also makes it possible for computer networks to link academic, research, and government organizations globally.  For example, the Internet enables not only my generation or students but also scientists, scholars, and educators to connect with worldwide research institutions and libraries. My generation was introduced to the internet at a very early age and as a result it has practically grown up using the technology.

Twenges mentions in the first chapter of her book about the declining social values of her generation where the norms have shifted from disciplines to casual, while the iGeneration has grown and learnt from the declining social values of the previous generations. Twenge highlighted this point in the first chapter of her book on the decline of social values that “the trend toward more informal dress has accelerated in the past ten years, with may companies opting for ‘business casual’ and others going for just plain casual” (Twenge, 2007, p17) which reflects the attitude of the people in her generation.

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