Sample Essay

The concept of ‘me’ is present in the iGeneration as every individual wishes to satisfy their own selves before looking out for others but simultaneously the group based element is  also very prominent in the iGeneration whereby the individual seeks to belong to a group instead of remain as a standalone character. In second chapter of the book Generation Me Twenge highlights the concept of ‘me’ in her generation and change that it brought about.

The individualism in my generation is a concept which has been transferred to us from our previous generation and therefore its presence cannot be denies, but there is a stringer influence of group dynamics whereby the individual seeks to be attributed as part of a group. The internet technology supports the active group dynamics in the iGeneration. The internet is a communication medium through which individuals can bring down the barriers that exist preventing them from interacting with each other. The popular social networking sites like facebook, MySpace and Twitter support the influence of group dynamics in an individual’s life in the iGeneration as they allow an individual to form groups according to their interests, habits, social aims as well as according to their work environment.

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