Sample Essay

  • The main marketing strategy that the UTC PlcNigeriashould focus on is creating a more localized focus for itself. The benefits of the localized marketing strategy have been reaped by the Sears, Macy’s, Target, and Wal-Mart as depicted by the research. The company has been targeting a very limited and elite market up till now that has limited its sales revenue and growth. All the recommendations that have been provided above focus on creating a brand image and a position for the company by localizing the marketing efforts for the UTC PlcNigeriato the region of Nigeria only.
  • For establishing itself as a successful Nigerian retailer the UTC PlcNigeriawill have to significantly invest in getting to know their customers and their target market. Currently the company is only targeting the upper end of the target market. However as majority of the Nigerian population have low income levels, the company will have to expand its target market to include upper as well as middle income customers to increase its sales revenue from the scale of sales.

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