Sample Essay

A new trend that has been observed for marketing promotions targeted to smaller market segments through a mass market medium has been market through the internet. The company can roll out an internet marketing campaign that markets through the community based sites like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. The advantage of advertising through such sites is that appropriate promotions can be rolled out for the specific niche markets of the various product lines at UTC Plc Nigeria. Moreover computer and internet access has been increasing in Nigeria, this depicts the trend of increased internet usage in the future leading to more of the target market of the company on the cyberspace traffic.

It has been stated earlier that a brand image of UTC Plc is confused resulting in inefficient and ill fitting brand awareness programs. The company should focus on identifying the image that it seeks to portray and market. An appropriate brand image for the company would be along the lines of that which is portrayed by Wal-Mart. The company can focus on low prices, and a wide range of products offered under one roof that is already a selling point of the company. The UTC Plc company can emphasize this aspect of their business and further down in the long term the company can shift its focus from low prices to value. The brand awareness can be created through a multiple channel based marketing strategy.

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