Sample Essay

The Macs are more reliable for the users as they tend to break down less often and suffer from much fewer crashes as compared to the PCs. The PCs are prone to malicious code, viruses and faulty which have to be addressed by Microsoft. This makes them unreliable. The Macs however are less prone to viruses and attacks form hackers as it is much more difficult to hack a Mac as compared to a PC. Aside from this the Macs are also well known for their high level of performance and processing Speed.

The Macs are designed specifically for heavy duty usage with multitasking of multimedia applications and software. The Macs, as a result deliver a much more efficient performance in terms of speed and reliability. On the other hand PCs tend to slow down over time and can often crash when multiple multimedia applications are being used on a PC. Similarly if high quality gamming is to be conducted on the PC, an additional graphic card is required which is not necessary for a Mac.

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