Sample Essay

The company that has been selected for the purpose of this project is a local beverage company named Arizona Beverage Company which is primarily based in Arizona,United States. The company itself is a branch of the entity Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons which was responsible for setting up breweries inNew York.The philosophy of the company is to keep the products proposition simple and good which is obvious as well as unique at the same time by using only natural ingredients to manufacture the products. The company does not believe in compromising the quality of its products for driving high profits (‘How We Think inArizona’). Aside from this the company also does not extensively advertise or market itself in the market as the philosophy of the business relies on selling through the quality of the product instead of relying on big budget advertising strategies. Therefore the products of the company are very brand oriented with almost no traditional advertising involved (‘How We Think inArizona’).

The main products that are manufactured and distributed by the company inUnited Statespertain to iced teas, energy drinks, juice, and cocktails. However for the purpose of this paper, the Original Arizona Iced Tea brand which is taken into consideration. The company has almost 28 different flavored iced teas made form natural ingredient with no artificial flavoring. These are categorized into six categories which pertain to Green Teas, Black Teas, White Teas, Herbal Teas, Diet Teas and Organic Teas and are exclusively sold under the Original Arizona Iced Tea Brand.

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