Sample Essay

The other organizational unit would be the Communications Unit which would be responsible for managing the technology for the various communication channels at the company. These channels would include internet, video conferencing, VOIP, IP based telephones as well as mobile management based networks. The specific responsibilities of managing the telecommunications systems, the networks and the planning, development as well as implementation of such systems would come under this division.

The pros of this segmentation of organizational units pertain to the fact that the hierarchical links in the Information Service Division would be shorter, and with personnel specifically assigned to the management of communication networks, the issues such as failure of network lines cold be better mitigated against and resolved. A dedicated staff would be able to provide much faster service to the management as compared to non dedicated staff. The cons however would pertain to the increased cost of managing personnel and a new function. The operational costs for the company would increase with increasing expenses like stationary, utility bills and salaries and wages.

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