Sample Essay

Communications policy is required in Canada to regulate content, and provide structure and guidelines for different media of communications making way for a structured activity.  The role of the communications policy is that it lays down the rules and policies which mediate communication and seeks to serve the media owners, the content creators as well as the society at large.

The main trust of the Section 3 of the Broadcasting Act is to display the Canadian talent, maximize the use of creativity while using the independent production sector available inCanada to contribute actively to the change of expression.

The support policies for Cinema inCanadainclude government investment in the production of such features and provision of incentives to the media for televising Canadian production. For book publishing the Canadian government has structured the publishing sector by providing it with industrial and cultural support while proving publishing grants to encourage publishing. In the magazine publishing sector, the government has been conducting ownership control through the Income Tax Act while provisions are made to not include the split run editions.

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