Sample Essay

The globalization and the integrated media for communication is also driving the demand for products for active lifestyles akin to energy bars and energy drinks. This is because while the energy food segment was niche a decade ago, the change in the lifestyles of the people and the increasing consciousness amongst the consumers about health and nutrition has made it become popular among consumers. “Organic beverage sales rose 97 percent 2002 through 2007, according to Mintel.

Organic beverages have gone from niche to mainstream, and the number of organic beverage products will grow 65 percent 2007 through 2012, according to Mintel.” (‘Clif Bar Inc’) The dynamics of the market around the world have also changed when it comes to the characteristics of food. The consumers inAmericaas well as inCanada, United Kingdome andEuropeare increasingly attracted to healthy food lifestyle. They are adopting a nutritious and healthy diet comprising of organic foods. This is again a different niche of a product, however the globalization of healthy food and lifestyle and the rapid adoption of the lifestyle has enabled for the increase in demand for organic foods, and organic energy products.

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