Sample Essay

The Gestalt therapy is applicable to anyone and can be sought by clients who suffer from a crisis at any point in their life. The therapy therefore can be used as a tool for personal development of the clients. The emphasis present in the therapy is to encourage the clients to be aware of their feelings, thoughts as well as behaviors which affect them on a momentous basis.

This provides room for the personal development of the client by portraying to them the specific problems that they may be facing which effect their behavior. The clients can then take action in terms of removing theses elements which influence their behavior in negative manner and develop their personality. The personal development is applicable for both the client as well as the therapist.

“Gestalt Therapy regards the personal development of trainers as quintessential to the practical application of its theory. This principle is evident in all reputable Gestalt training programs (GANZ), placing personal development as a central importance within their curriculums. Gestalt therapy is quite unique in this respect; with the therapist having to ‘walk the talk’ of self-awareness and authenticity.” (‘What is Gestalt Therapy’)

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