Sample Essay

The three most attractive countries for international operations that have been shortlisted include China,India and the UK. These countries depict high level of demands for the tea products and cold beverages, while the target market present in these countries is also significant based on their demand and population level of these countries.As a result based on the demand of the products, the similarities between the company philosophy and that of the target market culture and traditions the three countries pertaining toChina,IndiaandUKhave been selected for further analysis.


The strengths of the country pertain to the high population level of the country, the acceptance of tea in the region and the importance that is associated with natural ingredients like jasmine and ginseng which are some of the main ingredients in the iced tea products of the company. The weakness of the country pertains to its restrictive legal environment which can create the barriers to entry for the company in the region. Moreover there is also significant competition from local tea manufacturers in the region. The opportunities that are available to company pertain to taking advantage of the high level of demand and market in the country while the threats that are presented are in the form of a volatile legal and political environment.

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