Sample Essay

Campbell & Ramey (1994) conducted a follow up study on the Carolina A Abecedarian Project which was an experimental study that analyzed the effect of early intervention for focused on education for the children belonging to families in the poverty bracket. The follow up study revealed interesting results which comprehensively depicted that the preschool education provided to the children from such families encouraged the children to pursue education in the following years as well as increased their intellectual capability. Moreover the education provided at the preschool level was more effective in improving the performance of the children and their educational capability as opposed to the students who were targeted with similar programs at an older age.

A report by Carnevale, (1999) seeks to highlight the importance of preschool education for children by emphasizing how it can benefit the Hispanic American to become empowered at all levels of their schooling including preschool, graduate school and professional school. However not all studies have depicted positive relationship between the improvement of performance statistics and intellectual performance of the students at school through the use of preschool education programs. Some have also p[roved that the increase in the intellectual performance is relevant for only a small period of time following the preschool stage and often only limited to the first grade. “There is widespread agreement that compensatory preschool education can produce short-term gains in test scores, its ability to produce meaningful long-term improvements in educational and economic success has been questioned.” (Barnett, 1992)

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