Sample Essay

Jim William is depicted as an art dealer in the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. He is naturally charming and respectable. The society and the community in which he resides in is also of the same opinion about him as he is shown to be a highly respectable and sophisticated art dealer. As a result no one was expecting him to murder someone. He is a highly admirable and respectful man as his persona in the book is impressive. He is a self made man, an art collector, antiques dealer, bon vivant and yet a semi-closeted homosexual. However this goes to show that different kinds of people can reside anywhere.

The characters that are depicted in the first couple of chapters include Jim Williams himself has well as his extremely good looking and sexy partner Billy. Aside from them we also come across John Kelso who is a magazine reporter and other notable characters like Sonny Seiler the attorney, Hugh Mercer, who is a revolutionary wart Continental Brigadier General, Johnny Mercer a composer and a lyricist and Lady Chablis a local drag queen. Other characters include Minerva who is a spiritualist and Joe Odom. The author of the book is depicted to be the reporter in the book. However, at points it seems that the reporter was privy to very intimate and personal information.

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