Sample Essay

Over the period of time the News industry has had to face many challenges pertaining to technology. These came in the form of the radio and the television. However the news industry adapted to these changes and incorporated them in its infrastructure. The internet industry also proposes similar challenges to the News industry and as has been observed, it has made significant changes to the nature of the industry.

The presence of the internet has lowered the barriers to entry for information and news industry to be greatly lowered as a result the new entrants find it much easier to enter the industry through the internet. “Now, one can be a publisher and electronically transmit information around the world not by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in equipment, but by spending a couple hundred dollars, or less, with virtually no capital expenditures and spread this information at close to zero marginal costs. It has the potential of changing the cost structure of a newspaper, traditionally dominated by the cost of tangible elements such as paper and ink, and to greatly diminish the cycle time for delivering the news. Such changes motivate newspapers to compete in new ways: new strategic models include competition on speed, cost or differentiation.” (Cryns, 2002)


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