Sample Essay

“Recent findings in autism and in related disorders point to the possibility that the disease is caused by a gene-environment interaction. Epidemiologic studies indicate that the number of cases of autism is increasing dramatically each year… Environmental exposures during pregnancy could cause or contribute to autism based on the neurobiology of these genes” (London, 2000).

One of the natural therapies that can be used to treat autism pertain to controlling the food intake of the autistic children. By restricting gluten food for such patients, the autistic behavior can be avoided in the children as the gluten and dairy based products are difficult to break down in autistic patients which can further enhance their autistic behavior. Similarly formulated tea and clay baths can be provided to such patients (Hallaway and Strauts 1995). These can help by alleviating the symptoms of autism as they tend to remove the toxic metals that are absorbed by the autistic children through the environment. Other natural therapies that can be used to treat autism are those that involve Vitamin B-12, intramuscular magnesium, pancreatic enzymes, Super Nuthera, Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, Aloe Vera Flower of sulphur, and Efalex Oil.

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