Sample Essay

The case discusses the plans for the New Songdo City in South Korea. The city is developmental project based on the tidal flatlands being reclaimed from the sea and developed to form on of the worlds mega cities which is a hotspot for culture, business and international an local trade as well as a recreational destination for people in Korea, Asia and the rest of the world. The project was initiated by the South Korean government but was then handled by international developers and planners like John Hynes and the Gale Company.

The project of the New Songdo City was receiving mixed reviews from the establishment as this is supposed to be hub for local as well as international business activity in the form of a truly modern metropolitan city that provides housing to residents as well as recreational facilities through parks, restaurants, innovative spaces and the option for the companies in the international business to establish themselves in New Songdo City for creating or investing in their operations in the East Asian region. The idea of the New Songdo City came about from the development and the increasing importance of the metropolitan cities in the world pertaining to London, Boston, Paris, and Venice. Moreover the recent trend of the business in the international market to invest in operations in Asia also triggered development in the metropolitan cities of Mumbai in India, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai in China as well as Singapore, Tokyo in Japan and Seoul in Korea.

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