Sample Essay

A wrongful or unfair dismissal occurs when the employee is automatically terminated without just cause or reason. As Karen’s job performance has been fairly could, she can protest against the termination calling it a wrongful or unfair dismissal if handled poorly. In order to ensure that the wrongful dismissal does not take place the company will have to provide Karen with a written statement with the particulars of the employee, an itemized statement of their pay, a significant notice period, encashment of their pending/ accumulated leaves, and a severance or termination payoff amounting to additional weeks gross pay which should be aimed at reducing the negative impact of the change of the financial position due to termination of the employee.

For an ethical termination of an employee, the company will have to keep the technicalities of termination in consideration which pertain to providing a sufficient notice periods, setting up a termination interview to discuss future career counseling with the employee, discussing the details of the severance package and providing aid to the employee in terms of leads on head hunters etc. In order to terminate Karen’s employment from the company, the management will need to take into consideration the time that she has served in the company in order to determine her termination payoff and related notice of termination accordingly.

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