Sample Essay

The role played by the people and the government of Canadain handling and managing the issue however is quite averse to what is expected of Canada.Canada is a country of independent individuals who have their respective rights to withhold.

“In the recent decades, Canadian governments have officially recognized the diverse cultural heritage of Canadians through a policy of multiculturalism that provides support for different groups to retain their cultures.”  (‘Think, Engage, Respond: Communicating for Citizenship’ p117) However the incident of 1990 saw the Mohawk clash against the Canadian government, police and the urban non- Mohawk population where the cultural diversity of the Mohawks was being intruded upon by the Canadian government. This goes against the cultural diversification and development that the Canadian government has achieved over time . The main aggressor in this incident was the urban non- Mohawk population and the mismanaged police. The Canadian government showed how inconsiderate they were for the Mohawk and how they could stoop as low as engaging in verbal as well as physical battle with the Mohawks in order to a justify and support the wrong action of encroaching on the Mohawk land.

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