Sample Essay

The cabin and flight deck crew at the FirstAir airline would be specialized and trained personnel who would be there to provide service to the customers and maintain good atmosphere in the cabin.

The facilities that would be provided by the cabin flight crew to the customers would take the form of personal assistance, help service, medical aid, security, comfortable dining and trouble free journey on the supersonic aircrafts. Therefore in order to properly cater to the high end customers of the airline, the needs of the cabin and flight deck crew from the e-CRM to be implemented at the FirstAir Airline Company would include the following.


The cabin and in flight crew at the FirstAir would need access to the flight schedule in terms of any linkages, or possible emergency stops that can take place during the journey. The crew is often bombarded with how long the flight would take till it touches down on the destination city and what time s being kept by the flight and for this purpose the in fight crew needs to have access to real time data about the flight schedule. Similarly the in flight crew would also be needing information about the route being taken for the flight and respective stops that are possible for customer awareness and assistance.

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