Sample Essay

The different factors that affect the success of the market entry strategies pertain to the marketing and advertising strategy of the company, the product, the investment strategy as well as the research, development conducted pertaining to the selection of the market entry as well as the technology resource. There has been immense improvement and changes taking place in the technology resources available to any business on a very incremental rate.

The most significant of which are the internet and those relating to the communication technologies. The internet and the integrative communication technologies pertaining to websites, and online retail portals have reduced the barriers of entry for late comers by providing them with ease of access to a platform with which they can communicate and interact with their target market. The virtual information disbursement and retail network provides companies with cost savings in terms of the cost of renting, repairing, maintaining and running a physical retail outlet. Moreover the reach of the internet is much vast than a physical outlet or location resulting in much more efficient use of the companies resources.

Aside from simply communicating with the customers, the internet and the integrated communications technology are also used for the management of the value and supply chain of a company as well as its operation which enables the company to perform on a much more efficient level than the early movers who are unable to keep up with the changes in the technology.

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