Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier the Walt Disney Company has four specific business segments which pertain to the Walt Disney Studios, the Parks and Resorts, the Media Networks and the Disney Consumer Products.

While the four segments are synergized in such a manner by the company to contribute to the mission statement of the company and provide for the objective of the company pertaining to maximizing revenues and long term shareholder value while being of the target entertainment provider, the four segments have specific strategies of their own which are derived form the global corporate strategy of the company. The Walt Disney Studios comprise of many different companies of which the most famous are Touchstone Pictures, Miramax Films as well as PIXAR. The main strategy of this business segment has been to generate high revenues while increasing market share for itself in the industry. The business segment has been actively participating in regionalized international ventures and studio based projects which can contribute to internationalizing the operations of the company in the long run.

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