Sample Essay

The environment in which the business would be operating in Germany is a very organized and bureaucratic environment. Germany is located near the north and the central European region of the continent and ha a significant economy that contributes towards the economic growth in the region. The environmental factors that will be affecting the business and its operation in Germany would pertain to the political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments.

The political environment of both the countries, Germany as well as Dubai would directly effect the operations of the company in Germany as the political stability tends to positively support the operations while disputes amongst the political parties and the reforms being made tend to effect consumer spending in the region as well as the marketing scenario. Moreover the policies of the industry are also affected by the political environment. The economic environment affects the company as it directly corresponds to the growth and investment taking place in the region. The positive growth along with increased investment in the region leads to increase in the per capital income of the people, therefore increased spending by the customers as well as the businesses. The advertising budgets and marketing spend in the region therefore increases benefiting the company. The social environment and specific trends pertaining to the operations of affinity groups also directly effect operations as they can effect the image of the company as being their socially responsible or negligent. Moreover the culture has a profound effect on the marketing campaigns developed and the strategies for advertising deployed.

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